Lancashire County Council worker and friends climb Snowdon in their heels to raise money for citizens of Ukraine

Thursday, March 10, 2022

A group of friends who braved the pain of climbing Snowdon in their heels have raised thousands of pounds to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Slawka Kluszczynska-Stepien, who works as a Family Group Conference co-ordinator for Lancashire County Council, was part of a group of women who took on the highest mountain in Wales after feeling compelled to act in response to Russian forces launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Slawka and two others climbed to the top of the mountain in their heels, and were accompanied by two other women wearing boots and carrying food supplies.

The women, who all live in Lancashire and originate from Poland, felt they had to do something, even something small, to support their European neighbours.

However, their response was by no means small.

Climbing 3,560 feet in heels proved extremely difficult, but thankfully everyone in the group safely completed the climb and have so far raised more than £3,600.

Slawka said: "We can still remember how it is to live behind the iron curtain and being unable to have freedom of speech and freedom of movement.

"We don’t want this for Ukrainians or the rest of Europe.

"We also wanted to raise awareness about the conflict and the situation so we felt that challenging ourselves to hike up Snowdon in heels, could help.

"In addition to this, my hometown is only 140 miles away from the Ukrainian border, so this conflict is very close to home."

All the collected funds will go directly to the Polish Humanitarian Action, a Polish based charity that currently works on the Polish/Ukrainian border and provides immediate help to all refugees from Ukraine.

They are currently providing the most essential humanitarian support such as providing blankets, hot food, drinks, toiletries, medical support and hope.

More information and updates about their fundraising activities can be found here:

The fundraising page will be open until Tuesday 15 March.

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