Proposal for new cycle and walking friendly junction on Preston Cycle Superhighway

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

An innovative junction upgrade is being proposed as part of the Penwortham to Preston Cycle Superhighway scheme, which will improve facilities for those cycling or walking the mile between the Cop Lane junction and Preston Railway Station.

The CYCLOPS junction improvements at Broadgate form a key part of the active travel corridor between Penwortham and Preston.

Lancashire County Council is delivering the scheme which will also provide safety improvements to users of the Preston Guild Wheel route which crosses this busy junction. Work is being funded by the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund (Tranche 2).

CYCLOPS is an abbreviation of Cycle Optimised Protected Signals, a unique junction type which separates pedestrians and cyclists from motorised traffic, reducing the risk of collisions or conflict. The award-winning concept was first developed by Transport for Greater Manchester and this would be the first in Lancashire.

The main feature is an external orbital cycle track which circles the junction and protects cyclists from general traffic, whilst allowing everyone to use the junction safely. Cyclists can make a right turn at the junction and are able to complete the turn in one movement (dependent on signal timings) – removing the need to cross traffic lanes or make the turn in multiple crossing stages.

County Councillor Charlie Edwards, cabinet member for highways and transport said:

"It is exciting to be one of the front-runners in delivering innovative cycling and walking infrastructure as this junction would be the first of its kind in Lancashire.

"Currently, pedestrians and cyclists have no option but to cross the traffic, which can lead to conflicts with vehicles which can be intimidating to pedestrians and cyclist. This often creates a barrier to walking and cycling.

"This new type of junction maximises the opportunities for safe cycling and walking by separating cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles to remove conflicts.

"We want to provide safety improvements in this location that will encourage more people to switch to active modes of travel and leave the car at home, bringing wider health and environmental benefits.

"We are holding a public engagement from 16 November until 14 December 2021 to get feedback on this proposal so that we can consider the needs of residents, local businesses and all road users."

Cllr Edwards has recorded a short interview video on the new scheme which is available at

The council wants to hear your views on the proposed CYCLOPS junction, so please get in touch. You can contact us by email on and by post at:
Broadgate Junction Improvement Engagement
Lancashire County Council
PO Box 78
County Hall

If you would like to find out more this scheme and Lancashire’s plans to improve active travel opportunities across the county, please visit

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