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Queens Platinum Jubilee celebration

2022 marks the momentous occasion of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – marking 70 years of service to her people and the Commonwealth. The Queen also holds the title of the Duke of Lancaster, and therefore has a special relationship with our County and the people who live here. This is the first time in British history that a monarch has marked a platinum jubilee which therefore presents a unique opportunity for an artist to create a work that will encapsulate the moment.

The brief

The Lord-Lieutentant of Lancashire, Lord Shuttleworth and a collective of local business leaders and cultural professionals have come together to commission a new artwork which celebrates this extraordinary moment in our civic history. We wish to commemorate both her majesty’s relationship with Lancashire and her service to the nation in a new artwork that connects with and expresses the respect of the industrious, creative and diverse communities that live and work here. 

We are looking for an artist or collective with roots in Lancashire*, to propose an imaginative new artwork that both connects with the themes outlined, reflects our community and is a fitting tribute to mark this important occasion.

The work

The work can be produced in any medium but should respond to the theme of ‘70 years of service’. Final works could be physical objects, site responsive, installations, or performative for example. We are especially interested in works that create a legacy for the occasion that reaches future generations.

Whatever the final outcome the artist should consider how the work could be made accessible to as many people across the county as possible, for example: reproduced as editions to be given to every school or school child, be made as a series of small interventions across multiple locations or include a companion publication. We would like to engage Lancashire schools in the ideas and celebratory nature of the process - to perhaps develop their own response to the theme of ‘70 years of service’. How can your ideas and work inspire children across the county to create a cultural response to the celebrations?

The location

The final location of the work will need to be considered and decided during the process of research and project development. There could be one ideal location, alternatively the nature of the work may mean it exists in multiple locations or moves around the county for a period.

This brief is deliberately open and broad as we are interested in hearing your response to the theme. We believe that you will propose ideas and approaches that speak to the aims of the commission in ways we could not imagine.

*By ‘roots in Lancashire’ we mean, anyone born, raised, migrated to, currently lives/works or has a demonstrably strong connection to an area that has been defined as Lancashire within the period of the Queen’s reign. Please make clear your relationship to Lancashire in your application, we’d like you to define Lancashire’s importance to you.

Timescales and deadlines

Deadline for Stage 1 applications is 24 September 2021

A shortlist of applicants will be invited to discuss their proposal early October 2021. Up to 5 artists or collectives will be invited to develop their concepts into detailed project proposals. A fee of £500 will be made available to these artists to complete the detailed proposals. The final commission will be awarded by mid November 2021.

The work should begin development in autumn 2021, with the key work/outcome taking place in June 2022 to mark the Queen’s official birthday.

How to apply

This is a two stage application process – the first of which is an expression of interest. If selected to make a detailed proposal for the second stage a fee will be paid in recognition of the work involved. The commission will only proceed if all aspects of the process are satisfactorily met by the artist and the commissioning body.  


The overall budget for this project is £75,000 - which must cover fees, expenses, all materials and any other related costs including acquisition costs. (At this point we only ask that you provide us with a daily rate, if successful in progressing to the project proposal stage, we will ask you to develop a more detailed budget and delivery plan.)

Stage 1: Expression of interest (not to exceed 10mb)

Please send the following as a single pdf document:

  • A one page outline of your concept for the commission
  • Examples of your previous work including up to 4 projects that you feel demonstrate why your practice is relevant for this opportunity
  • Information about your ‘roots to Lancashire’ - your relationship to the county - and why you want to deliver this commission
  • Your daily rate

Stage 2: Detailed project proposal

If successful at stage 1, you will be invited to develop a full project proposal including:

  • A detailed project and delivery plan, with key milestones
  • A detailed budget and contingencies
  • A method statement
  • Risk assessment
  • Any outline permissions required.
  • Visualisations and other project concept aids
  • An approach to engaging people across the county and how your work can inspire schools to respond to the Jubilee
  • Any ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Any other information the panel need to make their decision

Submit an expression of interest

Submissions have now closed.

Make a donation

The Lieutenancy of Lancashire is delighted to be working, with the support of the Community Foundation for Lancashire, towards marking the occasion and celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

The fundraising starts in August 2021 and will run through until the event to maximise the charity donations as well as the artwork piece for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

As part of this fundraising some of the funds raised will also go to support grass root projects helping children's mental wellbeing across Lancashire. This initiative will give us the unique opportunity to get children engaged in the celebration and would also improve mental well-being for children in Lancashire post pandemic.

The money raised will fund this amazing work of art and contribute to the wellbeing of our children across the county.

Make a donation

About the Community Foundation for Lancashire

The Community Foundation for Lancashire - which is managing all donations received - is an independent charity, managing and directing charitable giving since 2007. During that time it has distributed over £16m for community needs across Lancashire (Registered Charity No: 1068887).


For further information about the project or questions about the submission process, please contact:

Email: tony.attard@jubileeartcommission.co.uk

For further information about the project or questions about donations, please contact:

Email: dmendoros@outlook.com